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Achieving your Transformation Goals 101


Ever wonder why so many people fail at achieving their transformation goals? Typically, its due to one or more of the reasons listed below: 1. They don't set goals that are meaningful enough 2. They start out too fast, get lost in the specific details, and get overwhelmed 3. They never spend time reflecting on progress 4. They don't know how to truly integrate the new habits into their lives This course is designed to avoid all of these common setbacks. It educates you on how to create change in your life while also walking you through the process of doing so. It starts off with teaching you how to set a goal that truly motivates you, and how to set yourself up for success during those times you aren't motivated. The course then teaches you how to apply this method of creating change to specific aspects of your life, such as your nutrition, movement, and recovery. Simple, manageable tasks are assigned at the end of each lesson to help guide you through the process. Resources are provided for you if you feel like you need additional support, and simple questions at the end of each lesson help to hold you accountable in choosing the next new practice you want to implement into your life. With the purchase of this course, you receive 2 FREE calls with Coach Megan, one 30min intro coaching call and one 30min exit coaching call. ($150.00 value)

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