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Real Clients — Real Results


”I am so grateful for meeting Megan, she has been the most valuable partner in my fitness and health journey.  Megan and I worked together for 7 months and I gained a lifetime of knowledge that will continue to help me reach my goals. I was going about diet and fitness all wrong but she really helped me to narrow down exactly what my goals were and how to achieve them. 

I encourage anyone that is struggling to reach their fitness goals to hurry up and hire Megan. A few months of working with her will give you all you need to become successful with your own journey. You won’t regret it.”

- Stacy H.

 – Hillary S.

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"Partnering with Megan is the best health and nutrition decision I’ve ever made! She’s encouraging, empowering, a wealth of knowledge, and an absolute badass! Through my partnership with Megan, I’ve been able to gain control of my health. I am, without question, healing in a way I knew possible but didn’t know how to do on my own. I did not “become” my diagnosis but instead found a way to “rise” above it! Find your “why” and work toward your goals with ATOP Coaching. You won’t regret it!”

– Trista O.

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“It is clear that Austin is an expert on nutrition. Also, he is a great motivator who can quickly get to the heart of inspiration. He provided the perfect amount of information and accountability and he was always professional. I would highly recommend his services.”

 - Mark F.

“Since working with Austin, I have increased my strength and endurance, and I have learned how to have fun training my cardio . In just a few short months I’m lifting heavier than I have since high school and I move through workouts with amazing trust in the skills I’ve built and the increased endurance that I have.

My increased strength and skills have certainly increased my confidence, but the diet has totally changed the way I feel, the way I sleep, decreased my soreness, and as overall just made each day that much better for me.”

- Nick F.

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“I really can’t recommend the coaching services from ATOP Coaching enough! Having personalized coaching has been the single most impactful decision I’ve made to help me in fitness. There’s an actual science to knowing how much of what foods you should be eating on a daily basis and Austin knows exactly what that needs to be. I’m currently working 100% with ATOP for daily workout programming and nutrition coaching and couldn’t be happier! Remote coaching couldn’t be easier and it’s perfect for my always changing schedule. My strength training gains have been off the charts and I’m hitting the golf ball better than I ever have!  You guys are great!”

- Nick S.

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"Working with Austin at ATOP Coaching has changed every aspect of my wellbeing. Happily, I have successfully met and exceeded my weight loss goals! Thanks to the encouragement and advice of my coach I now train in a completely different way than I have in the past. I have seen some awesome changes in my body and am feeling stronger than I ever have. I know I will continue to grow in so many more ways than just at the gym. And the fact that I am now confidently wearing a two-piece bathing suit certainly shows my progress!"

- Tara T.

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“ATOP Coaching has helped me focus on weaknesses that I would have neglected on my own or that could have been missed in a blog style program. By following the example set by Austin and Megan, I feel a better sense of overall well being. I am someone who battles anxiety and learning about proper nutrition, sleep and meditation has helped to control it.  I have improved my sleep, gut health and anxiety tremendously.”

- Trey F.
Owner of CrossFit H Dub

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“Getting shredded and making life time PRs on the way.”



Body Weight – 155 lbs

Back Squat – 265 lbs

Deadlift – 275 lbs

Bench – 205 lbs

Strict Press – 115 lbs

12 months:

Body Weight – 167 lbs (8% body fat)

Back Squat – 300 lbs

Deadlift – 345 lbs

Bench – 250 lbs

Strict Press – 140 lbs

- Charles

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Body Weight – 187.6 lbs

Muscle (SMM) – 91.3

Body Fat – 14.9%

6 months:

Body Weight – 184.2 lbs

Muscle (SMM) – 93.3

Body Fat – 11.5%


Completed 29029 Event

 – Will B.

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"Austin has helped with my general outlook on life, to have more gratitude, and of course my nutrition and fitness. The decision to work with him was hands down the best one I've made when it comes to my weight loss, fitness needs, and lifestyle balance! I lost 15 pounds, gained muscle, and grew more comfortable tossing around heavy weights.”

- Mike S.

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“Working with ATOP Coaching has been a level up in all aspects of my life.  Work, stress management, physical confidence, durability (knowing that I’m way less likely to get hurt doing everyday stuff). I’m a walking testimonial - I want everyone I care about to feel as good as I do now.  And I still have a long way to go but we’re operating on a lifetime horizon."

- John N.

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7 month Results:

+ 11.5 lbs Muscle

- 3 lbs Fat

- Shad O.

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Back Squat – 202 lbs

Front Squat – 155 lbs

Deadlift – 295 lbs

Clean – 140 lbs

Power Snatch – 95 lbs

Strict Pull Ups – 0 reps

Bar Muscle Ups – 0 reps

Ring Muscle Ups – 0 reps


Back Squat – 264 lbs

Front Squat – 228 lbs

Deadlift – 325 lbs

Clean – 207 lbs

Power Snatch – 150 lbs

Strict Pull Ups – 15 reps

Bar Muscle Ups – 15 reps

Ring Muscle Ups – 6 reps

Ryan Porch_edited_edited.jpg

“I worked with Austin for six months and his coaching helped me tremendously. Often times I found myself going through the same routine each day with no clear purpose. We came up with daily checklists/goals that gave me each day intention. Thanks to Austin’s help I feel more energized throughout my day. I look at each day with intention rather than going through the motions.”

 – Ryan P.



Body Weight – 170 lbs

Snatch – 195 lbs

Clean – 325 lbs

Back Squat – 415 lbs

Split Jerk – 295 lbs

6 Months:

Body Weight – 190 lbs

Snatch – 245 lbs

Clean – 355 lbs

Back Squat – 435 lbs x2

Split Jerk – 335 lbs

– Davin A.

billy miller.png

6 month Results:

- 8.5 lbs Bodyweight

+ 2.2 lbs muscle

- 4.9% Body Fat

 – Billy M.


“I’ve definitely progressed this past year following Austin’s workouts and coaching. I have more than doubled all of my benchmark lifts from week one. Not only that but my lifting form has gotten better and really feels better too. I actually feel like my lifts are worthy to go up on the internet now with the increased range of motion that we’ve worked on. Thanks to Austin’s help, I’ve gained a lot more muscle too. Right now, I’m more dialed-in than I’ve ever been and feeling amazing.”



Body Weight – 197 lbs

Muscle (SMM) – 99.7 lbs

Body Fat – 12.2%

12 months:

Body Weight – 221 lbs

Muscle (SMM) – 110 lbs.

Body Fat –14%

- Henry W.

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“My goals entering the coaching experience with Megan of ATOP Coaching was to reduce pain and inflammation, improve energy levels and my overall fitness…and should the stars align, see my abs! Today I have the tools to ensure continued success along with improved self-confidence, self-discipline, and the abs are just the cherry on top! Without Megan’s support, guidance and her pushing me beyond my limits I do not believe I would’ve been as successful or as far along in my journey as I am today.”

- Brandie


“I had such a wonderful growth and learning experience working with Megan over the last six months. She helped me learn how to track macros and adjust numbers for my body-specific needs and goals, identify supplements that could help nourish my body, and also gave me practice with not strictly tracking but eating more intuitively and in a way that felt much more sustainable for me long-term. She cheered me on in my goals, celebrated victories with me, and overall helped me to be a better version of myself for not only me but my family. I am so excited to move forward with the knowledge that I now have and continue crushing my goals!”

-Maggie C.


"I am so grateful my friend recommended Megan and ATOP Coaching to me. I did the six month program and feel it has definitely helped catapult me in the right direction. Before coaching, I felt tired and weak everyday. Once I began to work with Megan, she helped me come up with goals and routines that since have made me feel so much healthier and happier. Megan is patient, kind, and met me where I was at. She genuinely wanted to help me on my wellness journey and put in the effort to communicate with me and provide great sources of information. Now I feel energized and happy throughout the day and have the mental clarity to focus on bigger goals. Thank you Megan and ATOP Coaching!" 


-Juliette V.

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“I have been working with them for 2 years now. It’s been a great experience. I was a complete newbie and brand new to weight training when I started working with Austin and we gained 6 pounds of lean muscle mass in the first year. I love how he delivers the program and the frequency of communication. I really feel like the workouts are personalized to me. He really did give me a program that really encompassed my entire lifestyle. It really worked. So I highly recommend Austin as your go to go guy for all things weight training. He is the man. I recommend him highly.”

- Jack S.


“Austin and I have been working together for a year and a half now. I cannot thank him enough for the support. I was in the worst shape I’ve been in for 4-5 years. Now I’m happier, way stronger, and have way more energy. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Austin”

- Conor M.

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“When I had my son in my forties I knew I wanted to literally make every moment count with him! But I lacked energy and strength to keep up with him on a daily basis. I also gained quite a bit of weight during COVID. She took a holistic approach to my health - no short cuts. Every step of the way she has been encouraging, non-judgemental, and seriously supportive. Before I knew it, I had an immense amount of energy and confidence. I am enjoying my days with my son more than ever and am becoming the best version of myself thanks to Megan!”

-Karen P.

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