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Our tested coaching systems are completely personalized, easy to follow, extremely efficient to get you real results


The ATOP Method is a comprehensive approach that assesses your current level of health and fitness, where you want to be, and then work with you to fill those gaps to reach your desired fitness, nutrition, and health goals.


Our research-backed movement system and form analysis provides optimal strength and fitness improvements. With these tools, we teach the form and mechanics needed for you to stay injury free and push pass plateaus.


With one-on-one, real-time nutrition consulting — from macros to food-sensitivities and beyond — we personalize the experience and work with you in building a meal-plan so you know how to create a sustainable system you can stick with in the future.


We provide habit-based health coaching to include items overlooked which can contribute to better outcomes, such as sleep, nutritional supplements, and journaling. The options are endless on what you can improve upon when it comes to healthy habits by tracking them with a coach.


We have a network of partners in various domains of health. There is more to just physical health —and they are all pieces to the puzzle (emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, physical). ATOP is partnered with naturopathic doctors, emotional support clinics, sales/financial coaching, and more to help you live optimally.


The ATOP Method trains every client how to be the highest athletic and physical version of themselves — professional level coaching is not just for the professional athletes anymore.

 Connection-Based Experience

We understand that the more we can get to know each client, the more we are able to personalize the coaching experience to optimize results.


With our coaching expertise, we help clients translate knowledge into action, along with developing the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, mindset, and any other specific skills needed for success.

As progressive action steps, knowledge, and strategic personalized changes add up, our clients begin to learn and understand the skills needed to ensure a life-time of success... while also experiencing life-changing health and body transformations.

100% Personalized Fitness
and Nutrition Plan

The key to any program is making sure it's completed consistently. That is why we won’t ever fit your lifestyle into a meal or workout plan. Instead, we create a highly in-depth and personalized plan that you feel confident accomplishing.

We dive into every detail that will help us create the best plan for you. From what you have done in the past, what you enjoy vs what you don’t, what equipment you have available, when you are traveling, and how much time you can commit, all play a role in helping us design a program that ensures YOU have all of the right tools to see success.

Experts in Nutrition, Fitness, AND the Art of Coaching

We combine fitness, nutrition, health, and life coaching. Like a health or life coach, we are behavior change specialists and use client-centered motivational interviewing to help our clients overcome obstacles on the way to reaching their goals. Like a fitness or nutrition coach, we are trained in prescribing highly personalized fitness and nutrition programs that are suited to our clients lifestyle and needs.


We are experts in helping you figure out the best plan to get you the results you want, while also having the skill set to guide you along the path that works best for you. 


This kind of approach to coaching allows for an extremely in-depth and transformational experience that is guaranteed to improve the health and quality of life for each client we work with.

More Than Just
Body Transformation

We deliver powerful transformational coaching that invokes growth in all areas of life using fitness, nutrition, and health as the foundation.


We recognize that this physical dimension of health is just a small piece of a truly healthy, gratifying, and meaningful life.


We acknowledge that when positive change occurs in regards to nutrition and fitness, our capacity to want to change and grow in other areas of life increases. This feeling of empowerment to make new choices and try new things is exactly what we want for our clients. We want them to feel ready to fully experience life, and the world around them.


We help clients see results in ALL areas of their lives. 


That’s what living ATOP is all about.

A Coach That Walks the Talk

We strive to live the healthy, fulfilling life that we encourage our clients to live. There is often an extra sense of motivation and inspiration that comes from our clients because of this. We are not your average trainers, nutrition coaches, or health coaches.


We embody a growth mindset and go deep with our own personal transformations, while also heavily investing in having our own coaches and educational studies.


We provide a fully personalized coaching experience that connects, educates, uplifts, motivates, and ultimately produces results that last.


”I am so grateful for meeting Megan, she has been the most valuable partner in my fitness and health journey.  Megan and I worked together for 7 months and I gained a lifetime of knowledge that will continue to help me reach my goals. I was going about diet and fitness all wrong but she really helped me to narrow down exactly what my goals were and how to achieve them. 

I encourage anyone that is struggling to reach their fitness goals to hurry up and hire Megan. A few months of working with her will give you all you need to become successful with your own journey. You won’t regret it.”

- Stacy H.

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