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Partner with us and experience the ATOP Coaching difference!

Our tested coaching systems are completely personalized, easy to follow, very efficient, and proven to be effective.


Macros, keto, & a gym membership won't guarantee you results. But working with an ATOP Coach will!

Our coaching is for anyone looking for a personalized coaching experience that will deliver results that last a lifetime. From those who are looking to overcome a condition or lose weight, to those who are striving to podium in a sport, we deliver up to date, evidence-based client centered coaching that's guaranteed to create lasting change.


"Partnering with Megan is the best health and nutrition decision I’ve ever made! She’s encouraging, empowering, a wealth of knowledge, and an absolute badass!


I knew my goals---both, health and fitness---were not quick fixes. I was looking for a partnership that would continue to grow over time. It’s an understatement to say how far I’ve grown mentally and physically, in just one year. We’ve built a strong, solid foundation that we enthusiastically continue to build upon!


In such a short amount of time, I’ve grown physically: by dialing in nutrition through macros and focusing on whole foods and eliminating inflammatory foods, and by doing my custom-tailored workouts, my body composition has changed, increasing my strength, definition, and flexibility. I’ve also grown mentally: sitting in

peace during breathwork and meditation, setting healthy boundaries, and achieving a clearer mindset.


-Trista O’Brien

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 Connection-Based Experience

We understand that the more we can get to know each client, the more we are able to personalize the coaching experience to optimize results.


This is why we take a client-centered approach to coaching. This style of coaching is nothing like the style that social-media health “experts”, all-knowing gurus, and fitness instructors typically use. Instead we act more like facilitators or guides as we coach you along your journey. We will never tell you what to do, but rather give you all the information, perspective, tools, and strategies needed to make the decision that feels right and is best for you. We push when you have become too comfortable, and also pull back when you have been pushing too hard. 


We educate clients so they are better able to translate knowledge into action. We build collaborative relationships that help our client’s discover and understand why they truly want to achieve their goal. Once this is established, together with our client, we build a plan to reach this goal while taking into account all dimensions of health including their unique biology, beliefs, life circumstances, readiness for change, and ability to change.


Giving clients meal plans or telling them they have to lift weights 5 times a week may work in the short-term... but it usually does not address the real challenges that are holding them back from their goals. That’s because, the fact is, change is hard. Instead of trying to ignore the issue- which always seems to resurface again- we work with people’s natural resistance to change and uncover what’s really holding them back. This is why our clients experience results that last.


With our coaching expertise, we help clients understand their why, along with developing the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, mindset, and any other specific skills needed for success.


Not only does this method allow each client to find deep meaning and purpose in what they want to achieve, but it also breaks their big goal down into small and progressive steps and wins that build confidence and excitement along the way.


As progressive action steps, knowledge, and strategic personalized changes add up, our clients begin to learn and understand the skills needed to ensure a life-time of success... while also experiencing life-changing health and body transformations.

100% Personalized Fitness and/or Nutrition Plan

When it comes to Nutrition- personalized coaching is key here. We won’t ever fit your lifestyle into a meal or diet plan. Instead, we’ll coach you through discovering a more flexible approach, and work with you to make sure your nutrition matches your ideal lifestyle and your goals while still being aligned with the latest scientific research. 


We have experimented with, and have studied, various nutritional protocols from time-restricted feeding, periodized nutrition, hand measurements, supplementation, macronutrient tracking, elimination diets, addition diets, and specialty diets (from AIP to Veganism) and are able to offer guidance to clients who may be interested in trying any of these methods. 


When it comes to events, parties, or traveling, our goal is to help you navigate these situations in ways that better suit you, and your goals, so that you can stay on the right path while still living your life and enjoying yourself.


When it comes to fitness- personalized coaching is important when it comes to creating a successful fitness plan. We dive into every detail that will help us create the best plan for you. The fitness you have done in the past, which movements you enjoy vs which ones you don’t, what equipment you have available, when you are traveling, and how much time you can commit, all play a role in helping us design a program that ensures YOU have all of the right tools to see success in the gym.

We use our knowledge, experience, and details about you to determine what volume, intensity, and frequency of exercises will help you best reach your goals while still matching your abilities, schedule, and priorities. Periodized training cycles are planned to progress you properly towards your goal while still keeping you interested and engaged. Our coaching methods allow you to see and understand how to properly execute the movements, teaches you why the workouts are best suited for you, and allows you to get the most out of the training while avoiding injuries. Since it is 100% personalized to you, home or travel workouts are created for you when you are traveling or if you are unable to make it to the gym.

We help you build healthy, and fun, habits around movement and fitness so you can continue to stay active and healthy throughout your lifetime.

Experts in Nutrition, Fitness, AND the Art of Coaching.

We are not only experts with over 25+ years of combined coaching experience in the fitness, nutrition, and health industries, but we are also elite level coaches; trained in the art of coaching.


Over the years we have worked with numerous coaches and mentors ourselves, and have coached hundreds of clients. With this experience and the constant drive to create the best coaching service out there, we’ve come up with the coaching solution that we currently use with our clients.


We combine fitness, nutrition, health, and life coaching. Like a health or life coach, we are behavior change specialists and use client-centered motivational interviewing to help our clients overcome obstacles on the way to reaching their goals. Like a fitness or nutrition coach, we are trained in prescribing highly personalized fitness and nutrition programs that are suited to our clients lifestyle and needs.


We are experts in helping you figure out the best plan to get you the results you want, while also having the skill set to guide you along the path that works best for you. 


This kind of approach to coaching allows for an extremely in-depth and transformational experience that is guaranteed to improve the health and quality of life for each client we work with.

More Than Just Body Transformation

We deliver powerful transformational coaching that invokes growth in all areas of life using fitness, nutrition, and health as the foundation.


There is more to health than looking good naked and smashing heavy weights... although we want those things too!


We recognize that this physical dimension of health is just a small piece of a truly healthy, gratifying, and meaningful life.


By taking a more holistic approach to both health AND coaching in our own lives, we acknowledge that when positive change occurs in regards to nutrition and fitness, our capacity to want to change and grow in other areas of life increases. This feeling of empowerment to make new choices and try new things is exactly what we want for our clients. We want them to feel ready to fully experience life, and the world around them.


This means that we don’t want clients to achieve their health and fitness goals at the expense of other areas of their life. There is no point to having your dream body if you feel awful mentally and in your life circumstances.


We help clients optimally navigate their deep health so that they can better see results in ALL areas of their lives. 


That’s what living ATOP is all about.

A Coach That Walks the Talk

We strive to live the healthy, fulfilling life that we encourage our clients to live. There is often an extra sense of motivation and inspiration that comes from our clients because of this.


We are not your average trainers, nutrition coaches, or health coaches. This is not just a part time job for us. Fitness, nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, and coaching others to do the same consumes our entire life. If we aren’t coaching others, we are working on improving ourselves. We love to self-experiment with different types of nutrition, fitness, and general health protocols. By doing this, we are better able to understand, and coach, our clients through their journeys.


We stay consciously aware of our biases, strengths, and areas we still need to grow. We embody a growth mindset and go deep with our own personal transformations, while also heavily investing in having our own coaches and educational studies.


We provide a coaching experience that we wish we had- filled with a fully personalized experience that connects, educates, uplifts, motivates, and ultimately produces results that last.

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