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As Leaders in Personalized Coaching, we provide you with up-to-date information, personal connection, flexibility, and accountability.


Change is never easy, but as behavior change specialists, we know exactly how to help you make it happen!

The big question for those looking to create success is often: "How can I hold myself accountable?". What most people don’t think about is “Why do I need to change?” and “How can I make this work through these random life scenarios.”


You know hitting your goals hinges on the answer to these questions. The only way you are going to overcome your lupus, gain that 10 pounds of lean muscle, or experience the joys a healthy lifestyle has to offer, is to consistently take the right actions.


It may seem easy on paper, but like many of those we hear from every day, you’re tired of watching yourself struggle through the same cycle or starting and stopping over and over again…


That’s why we are here to help you break your old cycles and step into new cycles that serve you and your goals!




1. Schedule a Discovery Call

You will connect on a 30 minute phone conversation with either Megan or Austin. This gives you a chance to speak out your goals, what you want, and what you are needing.

We will explain a little bit more about what we do and how we would plan to help you. 

If it sounds like it would be a good fit, we'll start creating the perfect coaching package for you.

We offer both nutrition and/or fitness options with varying commitment lengths with both in-person and remote options.


Again, it's personalized, connection based coaching. That means we'll work with you in making the best coaching experience possible. Once we work out the details, we'll schedule our Kick-Off Session.

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2. Initial Kick-Off Session

We kick-off our time together by jumping on a phone or video call to dive into your personal goals, and discuss what the path towards your goals may look like.


Through this initial session you will start to connect with your coach so that they can learn more about your strengths, limitations, and superpowers. You will discuss topics such as current health, nutrition history, training experience, family health history, as well as what your daily environment is like. Since providing information is a big part of achieving goals, you and your coach will also discuss the best way to deliver this information to you, and why doing this work is important to you. These are all things that will allow your coach to coach you in the best possible way AND allow you to feel as motivated as ever.


By the end of this kick-off session you will have some easy, actionable steps to start working on that will get you started in the right direction of reaching your goals.


You will leave the call knowing that you have a coach that is hearing you out, seeing where you are at, empathizing with your concerns, and is delivering the most personalized experience possible to teach you exactly how to get where you want to be.


3. Implementation, Gather Data, and Accountability

After your kick-off session, you will begin to implement the actions that were discussed, while checking in with your coach in whatever way was agreed upon during the first session. 


While the action steps and check-ins vary on a client to client basis, the information, connection,  accountability, and flexibility stays the same on our end. 


Together we will come up with what constitutes "doing the thing" and you'll track your progress between sessions. We will also provide informational materials, and tools to help you learn and understand the why behind your action steps.


We check in to celebrate wins, encourage you if you feel frustrated, and are always there to answer any questions you may have. We also provide various self-reflections to help you to learn from your past so you can move forward towards your goals.

After implementation and gathering date, we'll continue to have one-on-one live coaching sessions.


4. On-Going Personalized Coaching

Based on your coaching arrangement, you'll have consistent coaching sessions with your coach. 


These sessions are to discuss, in more depth, how everything has been going for you. We'll look at how your implementation went and use that data to refine your action steps.

If life gets in your way, we adjust the plan accordingly and make sure you continue progress in the right direction.

You'll leave each coaching session with action steps that you feel confident that you can do and that you feel supported in being able to do them consistently. 

This cycle continues throughout our time together. We make adjustments when necessary, change directions if needed, and support you every step of the way, until you reach your goal.

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