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As Leaders in Personalized Coaching,
we provide you with up-to-date information,
personal connection, flexibility, and accountability.

The ATOP Method is a comprehensive approach that assesses your current level of health and fitness, where you want to be, and then work with you to fill those gaps to reach your desired fitness, nutrition, and health goals.


Our research-backed movement system and form analysis provides optimal strength and fitness improvements. With these tools, we teach the form and mechanics needed for you to stay injury free and push pass plateaus.


With one-on-one, real-time nutrition consulting — from macros to food-sensitivities and beyond — we personalize the experience and work with you in building a meal-plan so you know how to create a sustainable system you can stick with in the future.


We provide habit-based health coaching to include items overlooked which can contribute to better outcomes, such as sleep, nutritional supplements, and journaling. The options are endless on what you can improve upon when it comes to healthy habits by tracking them with a coach.


We have a network of partners in various domains of health. There is more to just physical health —and they are all pieces to the puzzle (emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, physical). ATOP is partnered with naturopathic doctors, emotional support clinics, sales/financial coaching, and more to help you live optimally.


The ATOP Method trains every client how to be the highest athletic and physical version of themselves — professional level coaching is not just for the professional athletes anymore.

 A FREE Session?
Yes! Here’s why…

Because we are so passionate about everyone achieving their best potential,
we want you to give you a jumpstart towards your health and fitness goals. 

Book your FREE 60 minute session and you can expect the following:

  • Receive a personalized program to easily plan and cycle your workouts across a year

  • How to establish a personalized system for measuring and gauging your progress

  • Science-backed nutritional guidance on how much and what to eat every day and where to start

  • The ideal and most effective workout plan for you to get you to where you want to be

  • Targeted goals for where to focus your efforts in the gym to stay motivated and injury free

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