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Fri 03MAR23


quick minimalist workouts

Week 3 of 6


@slow tempo; 30sec; rest 30sec x 3


15 Air Squats

10 Nose to Wall Scap Push Ups

5sec Forearm Wall Plank

x 2-3


Nose to Wall Hold: Accum 45sec


A. One and A Quarter Air Squat

@3010; max repeatable reps; rest 90sec x 3

B. Deficit Hand Stand Push Up Variation

@4010; 60sec AMRAP; rest 90sec x 3

*Modification: Try to go a variation harder than the previous weeks.

C. 3 Sets:

5 Down Dog Knee to Triceps, right

10sec Plank

5 Down Dog Knee to Triceps, left

10sec Plank

*Modification: Try a harder variation than you used the previous weeks

and perform 3 max repeatable sets



@consistent pace; 40 min


add muscle, build strength, feel energized


A. Deadlift:


rest 2 min

B. Weighted Strict Pull Up:


rest 2 min

C1. Single Arm Bench Press:

12-15 reps/arm

rest 60 sec

C2. Goblet or Hack Squat:

12-15 reps

rest 60 sec

C3. Arch to Hollow Rolls:

30 sec @ consistent tempo

rest 2 min

x3 sets for C's


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

Open 23.2


Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 burpee pull-ups

10 shuttle runs (1 rep = 25 ft out/25 ft back)

*Add 5 burpee pull-ups after each round.


Immediately following 23.2A, athletes will have 5 minutes to establish:

1-rep-max thruster (from the floor)



Warm-Up, Stretching, and Mobility Flow Ideas

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Questions? Scores?

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