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Fri 10MAR23


quick minimalist workouts

Week 4 of 6

@slow tempo; 30sec; rest 30sec x 3


x 2-3 sets


Nose to Wall Hold: Accum 45sec


@3010; max repeatable reps; rest 90sec x 4

@4010; 60sec AMRAP; rest 90sec x 4

*Modification: Try to go a variation harder than the previous weeks.

C. 3 Sets:

12sec Plank

12sec Plank

*Modification: Try a harder variation than you used the previous weeks and perform 3 max repeatable sets



@70% effort; 10min

@80% effort; 10min

@90% effort; 10min


add muscle, build strength, feel energized

Week 1 of 8

A) Chest Throw: 10 reps x2

B) Deadlift: 8 reps; rest 3-5 min x3

*Last set should should feel like an 8 RM. We will retest this on week 8.

C) Incline Bench Press: 8 reps ; rest 3-5 min x3

*Last set should should feel like an 8 RM. We will retest this on week 8.

D) Strict Pull- Up: 5 reps; rest 3-5min x3

*Modifty to Gravitron or Bands if needed

*Last set should should feel like an 5 RM. We will retest this on week 8.

E) Barbell Wrist Curl: 20 reps x1

F) Weighted Side Crunch: 15 reps x1


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

Quarterfinals 22.1

50 dumbbell walking lunges

30 handstand push-ups

40 front-rack walking lunges

20 deficit handstand push-ups

30 overhead walking lunges

10 strict handstand push-ups

Males: 2 x 50-lb dumbbells for all lunges, 3.5-in deficit

Females: 2 x 35-lb dumbbells for all lunges, 2-in deficit

Time cap: 15 minutes

Rest As Needed

For time:

40-cal. row

30 GH Sit-Ups

20 BMU

10 snatches- 135/185#

Time cap: 12 minutes



Not sure what a specific exercise is?

Questions? Scores?

** Put them in the comments below **

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