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Sat 28JAN23


quick minimalist workouts

Rest, stretch, mobilize, and/or long aerobic (easy) cardio.


add muscle, build strength, feel energized

A. Rear Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split Squat:


rest 2 min

- 8-9.5 RPE.

B1. Standing Single Arm Cable Bicep Curl:

20 reps

rest 60sec

B2. Standing Cable Tricep Extension with V-Bar:

20 reps

rest 2 min

x 2 sets fo C

C. 5 Sets @ SUSTAIN:

60 sec Bike/Jog/Row

30 sec sit-ups feet anchored

rest 30 sec

- Aim for same distance/reps each set.


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

Recover. Easy movement and skill practice.


50 cal AB

50 cal Row

50 cal Ski

rest 5 min

15 min EMOM

min 1-5: 6-8 HSPU

min 6-10: 10-12 alt DB SN- 35/50#

min 11-15: 25'+ HSW/ HSW Practice

rest 5 min


50 cal AB

50 cal Row

50 cal Ski



Warm-Up, Stretching, and Mobility Flow Ideas

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Questions? Scores?

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