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Tue 07FEB23


quick minimalist workouts

*Assessment Week into an 6 week cycle + 1 week repeat of this week to re-assess.

A. Walk, Jog, Bike, Swim, Stretch, etc

@easy recovery pace; 10-30+min

B. 15+ min Upper Body Stretching

Suggested Stretches:

- child's pose

- table top

- wheel

- clock stretch

- lying shoulder twist

*Take it nice and easy in these stretches- taking about 5-8 slow and deep belly breaths.


add muscle, build strength, feel energized

Rest, stretch, mobilize, and/or long aerobic (easy) cardio


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

15 min EMOM

min 1: 4-6 RMU

min 2: 5-7 Wall Walks

min 3: 13/16 cal Ski


15 min EMOM

min 1: 15-20 sec Air Bike @ 9 RPE.

min 2: 6-8 Bar Facing Burpees

min 3: 6-8 HSPU, any tough variation


15 min EMOM

min 1: 6-8 DB C&J- 35/50#/h

min 2: 10-14 alt pistols

min 3: 13/16 cal Row



Warm-Up, Stretching, and Mobility Flow Ideas

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Not sure what a specific exercise is?

YouTube It

Questions? Scores?

** Put them in the comments below **

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