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Tue 24JAN23


quick minimalist workouts


60 air squats

40 alt lunges

20 sit ups, feet anchored

40 air squats

20 alt lunges

10 sit ups, feet anchored


add muscle, build strength, feel energized

Rest, stretch, mobilize, and/or long aerobic (easy) cardio


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

6 min AMRAP @ GAME Pace

2-4-6-8-10-12-. . .

alt pistols

DB Squat Snatch- 35/50#


12 min AMRAP@ GAME Pace

8 C2B

25' DB FR Lunge- 35/50# per hand

10 DB Facing Burpees

25' DB FR Lunge- 35/50# per hand


5 Sets @ HARD Effort

Every 8 min

45/55 cal AB



Warm-Up, Stretching, and Mobility Flow Ideas

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Not sure what a specific exercise is?

YouTube It

Questions? Scores?

** Put them in the comments below **

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