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Wed 01FEB23


quick minimalist workouts

2 Sets @ SUSTAIN

8 min AMRAP

200m Run

12 No Push Up Burpees

12 tuck ups

rest 4 min

*Aim for same scores each set.


add muscle, build strength, feel energized

A. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:


rest 2 min

- 8-9.5 RPE.

(5 sets)

B. Single Leg Leg Press

6-8 reps/leg; rest 90 sec btw legs x 3

- 7-9 RPE.

C1. Cable Pull Throughs

20 reps

rest 60 sec

- 6-8 RPE.

C2. Standing Single Arm Cable Row:

20 reps/side

rest 2 min

-6-8 RPE. ENGAGE through your side and use entire body to stablize

x2 sets or C.

D. 3 Sets-

30 sec Forearm Side Plank Hold

8 Forearm Side Plank Lifts

*other side


evidence-based, high-intensity functional fitness

A. 1 Snatch + 5 OHS

Build to a max complex in 12 min

*If squat snatch, counts as OHS.


FT @ GAME Pace:

Row 250m

15 KBS- 53/70#

25 burpees to 6"

15 KBS

Row 500m

15 KBS

25 burpees to 6"

15 KBS

Row 250m



Warm-Up, Stretching, and Mobility Flow Ideas

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Questions? Scores?

** Put them in the comments below **

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