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Healthy Habit Building Series

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Achieving Your Transformation Goals 101

A self-guided course that teaches you how to set achievable transformation goals that leave you feeling motivated to create change. With step-by-step guidance you will then learn how to implement new, transformational habits into your life in an easy, sustainable way.

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*Unlimited Access to Course and Materials 

Your Coach:
Megan Benzik

Former Professional Athlete, Lupus Thriver and Certified Nutrition Coach

Megan has been on a mission to help people achieve their health, wellness, and body composition goals for over 14 years now.


She started off as a personal trainer before transitioning to online nutrition and fitness coaching.

Megan used, her personal experience in healing herself from lupus and her experience in helping others create permanent change in their lives, to create this course. 



Juliette V.

Before coaching, I felt tired and weak everyday. Once I began to work with Megan, she helped me come up with goals and routines that since have made me feel so much healthier and happier. Megan is patient, kind, and met me where I was at. She genuinely wanted to help me on my wellness journey and put in the effort to communicate with me and provide great sources of information. Now I feel energized and happy throughout the day and have the mental clarity to focus on bigger goals. 

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Karen P.

 I started with the nutrition program and then worked up to adding in an intense workout. I'm able to do this from home and still spend time with my son all day! Before I knew it, I had an immense amount of energy and confidence. I am enjoying my days with my son more than ever and am becoming the best version of myself thanks to Megan!

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Trista O.

Through my partnership with Megan, I’ve been able to gain control of my health. I am, without question,

healing in a way I knew possible but didn’t know how to do on my own. I did not “become” my diagnosis but

instead found a way to “rise” above it! The journey and growth, I’m experiencing with Megan’s guidance, is exactly what I had imagined---and more!

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