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Ring Muscle-Up Foundations Program

An 8 week self-guided, community supported movement program to give you the strength and skills you need to unlock your first ring muscle-up and master it going forward.

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*Limited to the first 50 who sign up
A portion of every purchase goes towards The Barbell Saves Project, who provide free CrossFit classes for anyone in recovery.

Your Coach:
Austin O'Neal

Former Professional Athlete

and Certified Master Coach

Austin has been coaching muscle-ups for over 10 years. In fact, his first online client was a masters athlete who he coached to get their first muscle up.

Austin leverages his elite athletic experience and his studies on the art of coaching to provide a unique program that will without a doubt help and improve your muscle-ups. 

"One of my goals for this program is to get 50 people their first ring muscle-up or help them drastically improve their ring muscle-up. I have the vision and am wanting to get all of these new muscle-ups posted on a public webpage to be celebrated and to inspire others."

A quick success story

One of my most inspiring and hardest working clients ever is a masters athlete named Gwen Holtan, more commonly know as "Super G".


In 2016, she qualified for the second round of the 50-54 year old CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier. During the last workout of the qualifier, the elusive ring muscle-up appeared in the form of the workout:


For Time:

55 Burpee over Bar

34 Overhead Squat- 65#

21 Ring Muscle-Ups

*20 minute time cap.


You can actually watch Super G tackle this workout and the video she submitted for that workout right here:

As you can see from the video, Super G gets to the ring muscle-up portion of the workout in about six minutes. For the remaining 14 minutes, she makes countless failed attempts.


Super G and I started working together personally after that 2016 season. I showed and taught her the drills and methods that you will find in this program. Then she got to work and she worked hard. Never missing a day of the planned program. She embraced positive optimism and always had a smile on her face- even on the days her muscle-up practice didn't go as hoped. Before she knew it, she got her ring muscle-up.

Once Super G got her ring muscle-up, although ecstatic, she knew she couldn't stop there. So she continued to work on them. On the path of mastery.


When the 2017 CrossFit Games season came around, Super G went on to qualify for the second round of her age group in the CrossFit Games season. And, again, a very similar to the years prior appeared. But this time the story was different.


Instead of getting to the muscle-up portion of the workout and failing each and every rep. . . she went on to complete 3 of them.

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A three rep improvement in a year for a 52 year old woman.


Again, that's from 0 reps to 3 reps in one year!


I don't know about you but I find Super G's story inspiring. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your ring muscle-up journey at the end of these next 8 weeks :)


- Coach Austin

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