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Ring Muscle-Up Foundations Program

An 8 week self-guided, community supported movement program to give you the strength and skills you need to unlock your first ring muscle-up and master it going forward.

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*Limited to the first 50 who sign up
A portion of every purchase goes towards The Barbell Saves Project, who provide free CrossFit classes for anyone in recovery.
  • What is it?
    This movement program is designed to teach you how to get your first ring muscle-up, or improve it, in a minimalistic, no BS, approach that will keep you focused on the goal. If you already have this skill, this program will without a doubt improve your form which can help you bust out longer and bigger sets. You also get lifetime access to the Member's Group where you can share your progress and connect with others taking the program.
  • When does the program start and finish?
    You gain lifetime access to the complete program once you purchase it. That means you can start at any time OR even go back and do it again.
  • How long is the program?
    The program is designed to take 8 weeks if you follow it perfectly. For some of you it may only take eight weeks- or even under- to get your ring muscle-up. For others, it might mean taking this new knowledge that you learn from this program and applying it onwards until you get one. Be assured that I have witnessed and coached multiple 50+ year old athletes achieve their first ring muscle-up with the methods I introduce in this program. If they can do it, you can too!
  • How will this program fit with my other training?
    The design of this program is eight weeks long and consists of three movement practices per week. Depending on where you are at on your journey, this program might be your entire movement practice for the day, or it might just be something you do as a supplement to other movement disciplines such as a CrossFit class. Within each workout for the day, there is a stretch, stability, and strength component. All with suggested reps, sets, and demo videos so you know how to execute the movement. Here is what a typical practice looks like: Stretch A1. Seated Forward Fold Stretch 30 sec x 3 A2. Standing Forward Fold Stretch 30 sec x 3 A3. Boxed Hamstring Stretch in Handstand 30 sec x 3 Stability B. Hollow Hold 30 sec; rest 30 sec x 3 C. Hollow Rocks 20 sec; rest 10 sec x 8 Strength D. Hanging Arch/Hollow Swing on Bar with Pause 6 reps x 2 E. Chin Over Ring Pull-Ups Accum 30 reps Additionally there are two more practices each week which are focused on mindset. It's not just all physical! That's why it's important to carve out a little bit of time each week to just think about ring muscle-ups and to train your mind. Practice four for each week is a guided visualization and practice five is are some reflection questions to ponder on. I highly suggest having a designated notebook for this program to keep track of all your progress.
  • Are there prerequisites to taking this program?
    There are no prerequisites to follow this movement course. However, there are some loose standards that I highly encourage you to be able to do or be working towards such as. . . Barbell Strict Press a minimum of 60% body weight 3 reps Strict Pull Ups on Rings 3 reps Ring Dips Being able to complete these standards will drastically help ensure you have the strength to complete a ring muscle-up. Additionally, some coaches believe you should not attempt a kipping ring muscle-up until you first can complete two to three strict reps. This is to ensure the proper positions can be reached in a safe, controlled manner before adding in the faster, more dynamic component that is done with the kip. In this program, we will go over drills for both the kip and strict variations since they complement each other. When the time comes to attempt your ring muscle-up, the choice on whether to kip or not is up to you.
  • What equipment do I need?
    This is designed to be a minimalist program. Other than gymnastic rings hung from pull-up and hip height, you'll also want. . . PVC Boxes Pull Up Bar Pull Up Bands Dip Bar/Parallettes Notebook/Journal for tracking progress
  • How do I access the program?
    You will create an account when you purchase the program which will log you into the ATOP Site. There you will be able to view the program and access the program's members group. For the best experience, I suggest downloading the Fit by Wix app. There you can easily access this program on your phone, set notification preferences, and chat with others who are in the program via the program's members group.
  • Is there really a money back guarantee?
    YES! I want this program to help 50 people get their first ring muscle-up. If you truly believe this program did not help move you closer to that goal or did not improve your form, then I'll give you your money back.

Your Coach:
Austin O'Neal

Former Professional Athlete

and Certified Master Coach

Austin has been coaching muscle-ups for over 10 years. In fact, his first online client was a masters athlete who he coached to get their first muscle up.

Austin leverages his elite athletic experience and his studies on the art of coaching to provide a unique program that will without a doubt help and improve your muscle-ups. 

"One of my goals for this program is to get 50 people their first ring muscle-up or help them drastically improve their ring muscle-up. I have the vision and am wanting to get all of these new muscle-ups posted on a public webpage to be celebrated and to inspire others."

A quick success story

One of my most inspiring and hardest working clients ever is a masters athlete named Gwen Holtan, more commonly know as "Super G".


In 2016, she qualified for the second round of the 50-54 year old CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier. During the last workout of the qualifier, the elusive ring muscle-up appeared in the form of the workout:


For Time:

55 Burpee over Bar

34 Overhead Squat- 65#

21 Ring Muscle-Ups

*20 minute time cap.


You can actually watch Super G tackle this workout and the video she submitted for that workout right here:

As you can see from the video, Super G gets to the ring muscle-up portion of the workout in about six minutes. For the remaining 14 minutes, she makes countless failed attempts.


Super G and I started working together personally after that 2016 season. I showed and taught her the drills and methods that you will find in this program. Then she got to work and she worked hard. Never missing a day of the planned program. She embraced positive optimism and always had a smile on her face- even on the days her muscle-up practice didn't go as hoped. Before she knew it, she got her ring muscle-up.

Once Super G got her ring muscle-up, although ecstatic, she knew she couldn't stop there. So she continued to work on them. On the path of mastery.


When the 2017 CrossFit Games season came around, Super G went on to qualify for the second round of her age group in the CrossFit Games season. And, again, a very similar to the years prior appeared. But this time the story was different.


Instead of getting to the muscle-up portion of the workout and failing each and every rep. . . she went on to complete 3 of them.

Untitled design.png

A three rep improvement in a year for a 52 year old woman.


Again, that's from 0 reps to 3 reps in one year!


I don't know about you but I find Super G's story inspiring. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your ring muscle-up journey at the end of these next 8 weeks :)


- Coach Austin

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